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This community is a general comm for all things related to Doctor Who, past, present and future.

We welcome news, speculation, discussion and pretty much anything else related to Doctor Who. Included in that are the various spin offs, books and audio plays: both Classic and New Who welcome.

The Rules

1. No Character Bashing

At all. We don't care who they are, DO NOT BASH. Debate is good, but there is a world of difference between "I didn't like Character X because in this scene they did that" and "CHARACTER X SUCKS". The mods will use their judgement here, since it's not always that clear cut, but just be nice and all should be fine.

2. No Insulting Other People
If another member does something that annoys you/breaks the rules then contact the mods. If a mod does something that annoys you/breaks the rules then try one of the other mods.

3. Write in Decent English
No Russian, no Martian and certainly no Gallifreyan. And please spell check and preview your posts before posting them. We don't expect perfection - just legibility.

4. LJ-cut is your friend
Please cut long posts, pictures, spoilers, adult material and, well, anything else you want to cut. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

5. Speaking of spoilers: please don't
Obviously what is a spoiler changes fairly regularly because of new episodes airing and new things being published. If unsure, then spoiler cut.

6. Tag your posts
Makes things easier to find later on! Ask the mods if there isn't a tag where you think there should be!

7. Lock any requests
Please lock any requests you have, whether it be for magazine scans or the like. It's just easier that way.

8. Common sense is good
General rule of thumb for everything.

NVFAQs (Not Very Frequently Asked Questions) can be found here. They cover the rules and more, so please check them out.

Your maintainers/mods are shinyopals and the_lucky_stars and can be contacted here.

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